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Modular Plate Readers

Ida Erling, Head of Diagnostic Devices Plate Reading Tech Company At Labrox we possess a core competence in the design and manufacture of microplate readers. We offer both products and services. Labrox products are plate readers with modular design, small footprints and great versatility. R&D services provide companies with access to additional experts ready and willing to cooperate with their […]

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Let Us Be Your R&D

Knowledge, experience and project management for hire

Let us aid you to design, develop and manufacture the missing piece. Be that a measuring head, robotic interface, laser, led or flash lamp excitation source, filter carousel, or any other missing part. Someone in our team has probably already done something like it.

Labrox staff has years of experience in developing detection systems, parts, and modules. From international big corporation instrument development projects to start-up SME prototyping we cover the whole field. For our Contract R&D partners, we have developed anything from simple detection heads and optics to intricate system modules and complete multimode instruments.

Labrox is your experienced, flexible, and easy-to-work-with partner!

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Our Product and Your Brand

Your brand – our technology & products

Since the start of the company in the spring of 2011 Labrox immediately developed a strong reputation and relationship with the company’s OEM partners. Through our OEM partners, Labrox instruments are in use in over 20 countries and on 4 continents.

From the beginning, OEM manufacturing has been one of our cornerstone businesses and continues to be so today.

As our readers are designed as modular sub-units, we can easily configure a multimode plate reader with different measuring technologies tailored to your desired specifications.

The modular design allows easy change of color and logo typing to suit your brand requirements. The GUI can also be modified to display the look & feel of your branding.