Monthly Archives: October 2021

Getting to know our future colleagues and what’s coming up next

As we earlier announced, we are combining three companies (Labrox, Kaivogen and Abacus Diagnostica). Our goal is to grow together and change the future of diagnostics for the better! Together the three of us can grow and serve others better than individually – each of these companies has knowledge and resources for something that others don’t. So this is a […]

Minimize interference in your LF immunoassays exploiting UCNPs

Upconverting nanoparticles (UCNPs) as a measurement technology enables more sensitive results to your diagnostic assays. Our upcoming biotech company offers these UCNP – particles and readers as a part of its product portfolio. The new company, including three frontrunners in the field, will provide a total solution for point-of-care testing. Anywhere and at any time! Stay tuned for updates. Labrox already provides a UPCON […]