Getting to know our future colleagues and what’s coming up next

As we earlier announced, we are combining three companies (Labrox, Kaivogen and Abacus Diagnostica). Our goal is to grow together and change the future of diagnostics for the better! Together the three of us can grow and serve others better than individually – each of these companies has knowledge and resources for something that others don’t. So this is a win-win situation for everyone.

Integration is a long process, but we have a group of professionals working hard on this project. Our future brand name and visual aspects are still in progress.

Naturally, one of the first steps of this integration is getting to know our future colleagues, learning about each others’ working environments, earlier projects etc. We have visited each others’ companies during these last couple of weeks. At some point, we are hoping to get everything and everyone under one roof. There are over 90 people altogether, so it’s going to be a tough one to find a suitable office space. Not just any kind of office space, because we need laboratory and production space as well, and those environments are under specific regulations.

So, to sum up, we are definitely in the middle of big changes and have a lot to look forward to. Exciting times though!

We are also participating in MEDICA trade fair this year. Last year MEDICA was canceled due to COVID-19 and all the other events have been on hold as well. This is a nice start getting back to normal soon, hopefully. Trade fairs and events are a big part of networking and getting co-operation partners and customers, so it has a big effect when you don’t get to participate in those kinds of events for a while.

Have an enjoyable autumn, everyone!