UPCONLINE2021 – How it went

Getting ready for the speech!

UPCONLINE2021 was held online this year and our Head of Diagnostics Devices, Ida Erling, was representing Labrox at the conference. She had a speech titled “Upcon®: readers and particles for sensitive lateral flow assays“. Here’s a quick catch up on how it went down and how was the atmosphere like:

Last week marked one milestone in this remote working world for me: my first online conference Upconline 2021. Originally planned in Compiegne, France, but now worldwide in Zoom. Upcon conference is all about upconverting nanoparticles. Researchers all over the world gather together to network, exchange the latest results, and discuss about the properties, design and applications of upconverting nanoparticles (UCNPs). As we have chosen this technology to be part of our offering, it is interesting to know how this field is emerging.

Labrox was a proud sponsor of this 3rd time arranged meeting, as we have been in earlier ones too. I remember the earlier conferences in Wroclaw, Poland and Valencia, Spain about the vivid discussions and feeling about belonging to the same Upconverting family. And of course, the great feeling of spring, when changing April in Finland to April in Poland or Spain. The last one kind of came into my mind when looking outside my window.

But what was still there remaining was the feeling of community and quality of talks and discussion. Online conferencing worked better than I thought. Arrangements were good with enough space left between sessions and breakout rooms where to gather after presentations to more detailed discussions over a certain topic. Many of the speakers made a wish that meeting in person would be possible in the future (myself included), but this was a great event to hear what has happened in the research field and where people are heading next. So, here we come Montreal, Canada 2023!