Introducing our new logistics coordinator – Thomas Ono

Our new logistics coordinator, Thomas Ono, started working here on May 3rd, and now he’s working tightly with the production team. Now it might be a good time to let him introduce himself and let us know how everything has started!

What is your previous professional background, do you have previous experience similar to this position?

I worked for over 20 years in a small company that sells engineering plastics. During that time I was responsible for e.g. receiving goods, technical sales, quotations, customer service, purchasing, and some invoicing. I dare to say that I know the processes of the company pretty well from acquisitions to billing and I think that my wide experience is well suited for the current role, especially considering that my main responsibilities in my previous job included many of the same tasks.

How has it started for you here at Labrox, has there been e.g. something surprising?

It has been a fast start, to say the least, and I was told that it is actually one of the busiest times of the year. I have been surprised that although the company is large compared to my previous workplace, there is a very cozy and caring atmosphere of a small company.

How did you end up at Labrox?

My road to Labrox started already last autumn when I applied to a Turku-based diagnostics company. I was a strong contender but I was not selected for the job. After the application process, I got a message from the CEO of the company that Labrox might need a person like me at some point. I contacted the CEO of our company Henri Sora and asked him every now and then if there was a suitable vacancy and need for staff, and now at the end of April, the roles changed as I was contacted on a tight schedule and asked for a visit. After the interview, it only took a couple of hours for them to decide and ask me when I could start 🙂

What do you look forward to in the future?

I am very interested to see the company grow and launch new products. Naturally, I also want to get to know my responsibilities better and it is also great to get to meet new people.

Do you have some free time interests or hobbies?

During my free time and especially now during growth season I like to spend time in the garden, where I already have nearly 30 different varieties of English roseum and azaleas. In the autumn I enjoy picking mushrooms in the forest and in the wintertime I try to go ice swimming whenever possible and take care of a forest plot. My free time also includes going to the gym a few times a week and I have a family of four, so there are plenty of activities on the calendar.