Introduction to Labrox blog

This blog will take you behind the scenes of Labrox. Labrox started in 2011 when six R&D professionals decided to look life an entrepreneurial point of view. Here we will tell about our journey from both company and personal viewpoint. Plate readers is what we do best. Currently as a team of seven engineers we are able to solve problems and challenges that may come a cross with product realization. Whether it is related to electronics, mechanics, optics, software, subcontracting, or most likely combination of these!

As the CEO of this company, I will naturally start by introducing myself. Other more important team members will get their turn in the near future.

My name is Ida Erling, I am enthusiastic about learning new things, both while working and on vacation, and not afraid of bureaucracy. From the very beginning I took care of filling in the papers, talking to customers, banks, insurance companies and business incubators. So I got appointed as a CEO.

Best part of my job is to meet new people and see what we could do for them, worst part is that the days can sometimes be long. But luckily I can often choose where to work. Here I am at the outdoor office of Turku Science Park at Vähätori during their pop-up week.