The daily life of Labrox production team

Our production team consists of a production manager, an export assistant, two assemblers and three testers. Here are some of their thoughts about their daily life and job descriptions!

How are things going in the production department right now?

“Pretty much daily hustle right now, which is clearly a good thing.”

“There’s happy hustling every day now in our production department. Lots to do.”

What does your regular workday consist of?

“Mostly my workdays include testing and adjusting of products that are about to be shipped, as well as managing production documentations. Occasionally I do equipment maintenance and assist in product development projects as well.”

“My workdays are pretty much assembling equipment and its components. Sometimes it’s putting together smaller components that go into a bigger device and also assembling whole devices which then go into the testing phase (there are three people for the end testing part – each device goes through trial runs). I’ve also had the chance to get familiar with a new big product launch we have been working on. I shelve arriving packages and keep the stock in order as well.”

“My workday includes adjusting the devices, testing them in use and solving problems.”

“I’m assembling prototypes and adjusting them together with our product development team.”

What’s the best part of your job?

“The best part of my job description is a nice balance between regular, systematic tasks and different problem-solving situations. Keeps the job interesting, but not too much of a burden.”

“Mainly the fact that you get to do the assembling freely at your own pace, in an order that fits you the most, as long as the devices are ready in time. You get to do precise work with your own hands, which is a plus.”

“It’s the fact that I’m able to work independently and at my own pace, but there’s always the option of having a little chat or gathering together to solve problems with co-workers.”

“The best part is that I get to be involved in developing new equipment. Each day is different, sometimes very hectic though.”

What’s the most challenging part of your job?

“I think the challenges are pretty much between own ears sometimes :)”

“Maintenance issue-related problem-solving situations are challenging sometimes. Some of these situations could cause a week’s worth of a puzzle.”

“I think it all comes down to your attitude and depends on the day. There’s no need to make the work more challenging than it is, though.”

Are there any memorable moments during the past years while working on a specific task or equipment preparation? Something that distinguishes from others?

“For now, the most memorable experience has been this maintenance training trip to Wales. The new landscape was nice, and most of all I got hands-on experience with our customer interface, which I normally don’t get in touch with. It helped me to get a new point of view on my job.”

“Memorable moments are those when there have been different kinds of issues in devices, while the shipping day has threatened us at the same time. Then we gather together with the team to solve problems so that we can get the devices shipped on time. Problem-solving in a team is very efficient when you get to look at the problem from different viewpoints, not just from your own.”