What’s it like working at Labrox? We asked our summer employees!

What’s your professional background like?

“Originally I’m a carpenter, but I’ve been on a different path for 3 years now. Before this summer, I haven’t done any other IT-related jobs.”

“I’ve graduated as a dressmaker. I also have a Vocational Qualification in Business and Administration and after that, I studied Information and Communications Technology. I’ve got previous experience from the grocery store, dressmaker’s shop, accounting, and embedded software.”

“I’ve studied Information Technology for 4 years now, and before I’ve worked in IT service desk for a couple of years; during my first year I worked in an internal IT help desk and during my second year I worked in a call center help desk. Now I’m at Labrox doing user testing and software development, and I was here last summer as well.”

“I’m a Bachelor of Information Technology and now studying for a master’s degree. Workwise I’m now at my second summer working here.”

How did you end up working at Labrox? What aspects of our company attracted you here?

“Since the beginning of my studies, besides embedded software, I’ve been interested in developing instruments used in health technology and research purposes. Because of this, I was interested in working here, and I was following job advertisements regularly.”

“Found a job posting through a summer job website. I was curious about Labrox instruments and the fact that you get to develop software that directly manages a mechanical device, not just independently running programs.”

“Last summer I was intrigued by new technologies, especially learning React programming. Last summer at Labrox was a pleasant experience, thus it was self-evident to apply here this summer as well.”

“At the start of this year, I was job hunting for the upcoming summer and probably even longer, to get my internships done as well. Labrox appealed to me the most and was the one I invested the most in because I wanted to work with embedded systems.”

Has anything surprised you in this job position?

“It was very exciting to be a part of developing a whole new product before its release date.”

“Workwise, everything. As an employee, I was surprised by how much freedom they give me to do things my own way.”

“I didn’t have any specific expectations beforehand, though I was surprised by how an interesting topic I got to work with from the beginning!”

What has been the most challenging thing during these couple of months working here?

“Probably running those last user tests before releasing a new product! Testing happened manually and it was challenging to manage the timetable and test contents so that every issue and feature got tested as quickly and thoroughly as possible.”

“Assimilating a new scripting language in a small time frame. Though I haven’t experienced any hurry and it’s been pretty stress-free so far.”

“There’s been a lot of studying and new topics involved in these first two months. I’ve also had an entirely new scripting language to learn. The most challenging part has been learning how to use those new skills in practice.”

“At the beginning, one problem was getting enough devices for testing purposes. Lots of test users but only so many devices. Luckily, summer vacations made it easier (fewer people in the office) :D”

What has been your favorite part about this job so far?

“Teamwork! We have a superb team here at Labrox that I get to work with. Even though most of my daily tasks are individual work, we build this whole thing as a team so you need others’ opinions, ideas and thoughts as well; open discussion. You always get help and support when you need it. The colleagues here listen and take notice of our ideas when working on projects.”

“I’ve been extremely happy with my summer job experience so far. Job has been interesting, I’ve felt included in the work community and you always get help when you ask for it.”

“Everything has been new and fascinating. You get to see how one can develop a product, what kind of “real” difficulties can come in work life, and what’s it like to work in a team.”

“Last summer here I was remote because of COVID-19, so this summer, seeing everyone and working face-to-face has been great. Also working with interesting technologies has been wonderful.”