Introducing our new logistics coordinator – Thomas Ono

Our new logistics coordinator, Thomas Ono, started working here on May 3rd, and now he’s working tightly with the production team. Now it might be a good time to let him introduce himself and let us know how everything has started! What is your previous professional background, do you have previous experience similar to this position? I worked for over […]

FAQ about the Labrox 5in1 Multilabel Plate Reader

It’s been a while since the last one of these, so here are listed 10 frequently asked questions about the Labrox 5in1 Multilabel Plate Reader. If you have any other concerns, please don’t hesitate to contact us via e-mail: How do I add a new optical filter into the Labrox 5in1 multilabel reader? Do I have to update the […]

New staff on board

This week was very hectic because right at the beginning of Monday we saw 6 new faces here. Five summer employees for the software team started their summer with us and we also got a new logistics coordinator to join us. And today we got some cake in the office because we wanted to throw a little office farewell for […]

The daily life of Labrox production team

Our production team consists of a production manager, an export assistant, two assemblers and three testers. Here are some of their thoughts about their daily life and job descriptions! How are things going in the production department right now? “Pretty much daily hustle right now, which is clearly a good thing.” “There’s happy hustling every day now in our production […]