Values on spotlight: Delivering quality

In the biotech industry, quality is measured constantly when there are ISO certificates and international standards involved. The products made at Labrox are certified according to the internationally recognized ISO standards (9001 & 13485). We go through regular staff training, strict documentation, and our product development process is very controlled. Our certifications are listed here. Each of our employees also […]

Values on spotlight: Will Do

What do we mean by “will do”, why is it one of our company values? It stands for willingness to go always a little further, to exceed expectations and improve our performance. Willingness to reach our potential and go a little beyond what’s considered enough. This is why our product range’s customizability is a real benefit. There’s always the same […]

Values on spotlight: Proud to Serve

We at Labrox are proud of what we do. Work feels the most meaningful when you can go into your workday every day and take pride from your accomplishments. When you can stand behind your workplace and its values. When you feel that what you do has an impact. P = Personal R = Responsibility I = In D = […]