Who are we? Introducing Pauli Salmelainen.

Would you like to know who we actually are? And also get to know us better? Then continue reading: I will introduce you to the innovator behind our plate readers. Our CTO, Pauli Salmelainen.

Tell us a little bit about your background

I have substantial technical background. I studied in the Helsinki University of Technology and graduated in 2003. While studying, I started working for PerkinElmer, Wallac, which is one of the leading human health screening and instrumentation companies. After graduation, I worked for the R&D department at PerkinElmer as an optical designer. I was responsible for designing the instrument optics, verifying their feasibility, and finally, ensuring that the performance of the instruments met the specified level.

And now… what does the CTO do?

The CTO is the link between endless technical possibilities and real customer needs. Therefore, it is very important to keep abreast on technological evolution and always envision ways on how new technologies could serve customers. It is also the CTO’s responsibility to ensure that the project pipeline is reasonable and the project load is balanced. In a start-up company like Labrox, the CTO is naturally involved in a wider field of activities. In such circumstances, a screwdriver in hand or being a model in a photo shoot (see below) is not that unusual.

Really? Tell us more…

We are launching a new plate reader technology in the near future, and for some strange reason, I was selected to be featured in one of the pictures of the promotional material. But, obviously, our plate reader was the real star!

And when not working?

I am interested in fishing, floorball, and building. The first two are real hobbies, and I hope that one day, building too would also be only a hobby, since I have already been building our home for some time now. Much of my free time is spent with my family, my wife and two children. All of us like traveling, and so, we try to find time for that too.

Give us some sneak peak about the future. What can we expect next from Labrox?

Well, the story and product portfolio of Labrox is just in the beginning stages. Right now, we are integrating totally new, laser-based measurement technology into our current plate reader. Launching this new measurement technology is part of our immediate plans. The plate readers will naturally have an important role to play a few years hence; there is also a need for certain automation and accessories related to the plate reader platform.