Out of the office

Are you paid by the hours or valued by what you get done? This is the topic that I have thought about lately. And I am not alone, as this Friday is the national home office day in Finland.

For an employer’s point of view, the first is easiest to measure, but the last is what matters most. Work in a high tech start-up is demanding and not tight to certain place or time, so why keep control on those things? I also feel that when work takes, it should also give back. One way for that is that the work can be done where it gets done best and causes least discomfort. Is it that simple? Is working from home for everybody?

I alone have several answers: at Labrox one works best at the privacy of his own sauna (not heated tough), one gets things done at the office and can leave the worries behind while driving home. I am writing this post at bus on my way to airport at 8 pm. Not because I have to but because I feel like it. Tomorrow at 8 am I will be enjoying the views of Northern Finland and hiking. Maybe the most exotic place where one of our team members has worked is sailboat Helena.

The different place and time can boost thoughts and help on focus on one task at the time. But on the other hand there has to be also times and places when the work is not in mind. I think that good work community should find ways to enable different solutions for each of their members.

What is your answer?


Getting ready for my version of working out of the office on national home office day.