Power of teamwork

We at Labrox believe that the real power of new inventions originates from teamwork. Having put this motto into practise, we are now ready to introduce a new line of commercial products developed from novel research made at University of Turku.

During the past year we have been working together with University of Turku along with an impressive company called Kaivogen Ltd. Our focus has been on a novel label technology based on upconverting nanoparticles (UCNPs), which exhibit several exciting properties. With UCNPs it is possible to convert near-infrared radiation (NIR) into visible light. This means that the emission signal can be measured free of autofluorescence and scattered excitation light. As a group, we are now launching the first commercial system based on these nanoparticles, Upcon™. Our products include a commercially available plate reader, along with UCNP labels. You can read more about this system at www.upcon.fi.

What makes this technology interesting for instrument developers is that UCNPs can be excited by an infrared laser. Additionally, the emission signal comes from lanthanide ions, so it is very stable and has long lifetime (from microseconds to milliseconds). These two factors render the instrumentation simple, yet robust. In addition to Upcon™ plate reader, which we will introduce for first time in Medica this year, we also offer product development services for different reader applications, such as point of care (POC). So if you are selecting the right label technology for your assay, turn to us and join the team!

Read the press release here.