Values on spotlight: Delivering quality

In the biotech industry, quality is measured constantly when there are ISO certificates and international standards involved. The products made at Labrox are certified according to the internationally recognized ISO standards (9001 & 13485). We go through regular staff training, strict documentation, and our product development process is very controlled. Our certifications are listed here.

Each of our employees also goes through a quality training session, so all of us know how we measure quality and what’s our SOP (Standard Operating Procedure) in a company context. Labrox achieves its regulatory compliance through internal quality assurance processes and external audits arranged every year.

As we wrote in our Proud to Serve -post before, our products are completely handcrafted in Finland, so we don’t want to ship abroad second-class quality. We are committed to continuous improvement. Our small company size (compared to much bigger operators) enables us to personalize our services and product portfolio even more. We also keep close track of our on-time deliveries, customer satisfaction rates, etc.

It’s rewarding to set clear objectives so you know what you are working towards. At Labrox, we use OKRs (Objectives and Key Results) in our business. Without setting specific goals for each quarter of the year, there would be too much distraction. When you’re a relatively small company like we are, there’s no room for a “throw spaghetti against the wall and see what sticks” -approach.

Want to know more about using OKRs in your goal-oriented management? Check out this video podcast where our CEO Henri Sora talks about this subject as a podcast guest!

A summary of how it looks like when working at Labrox! 🙂