Values on spotlight: Honouring Coffee Breaks

Work hard, play hard, isn’t that correct?

Productivity at all costs is an unsustainable approach. You can’t build masterpieces daily without taking a break once in a while. We believe that the secret of prestigious work lies in between taking a break and working hard. There’s a sweet spot where you can get a lot done and still be able to tilt your head back and enjoy a nice cup of Joe.

Even if you genuinely feel like you are efficient and hard-working without ever taking breaks, there’s still room for improvement. And the answer is not more work, but surprisingly, allowing yourself to think something else. Many people have learned that through trial and error. But none of us are irreplaceable, and the world does not stop spinning during those 10ish minute blocks you need once in a while. Plus, it does good for your creativity. Maybe there’s a project you need ideas for, or maybe you found bugs in your code and can’t seem to find any solutions. The more you think about it, the bigger the problem seems to get. Stand up, walk around the office (or even outside), and do something else. When you return to your desk later, you have way better chances to find the solution with a fresh set of eyes!

The human brain is not built for continuous high activity anyway.

There’s no denying that the pandemic we live in affects us in many ways. Increased remote work and not being able to spend fun team-building days is a challenge. We should all check in at times to see how everyone’s doing and make sure we at least make the best of what we’ve got these days.

Here at Labrox we take a team break at 9 am and 2 pm together. Those are the times where you sit back, relax and preferably talk about something that’s not work-related.

Enjoy your work week!