Values on spotlight: Proud to Serve

We at Labrox are proud of what we do. Work feels the most meaningful when you can go into your workday every day and take pride from your accomplishments. When you can stand behind your workplace and its values. When you feel that what you do has an impact.

P = Personal

R = Responsibility

I = In

D = Delivering

E = Excellence

Our instruments are handcrafted in Turku, Finland. Nowadays it’s more common to automatize every step on the way, so we are proud to say that each piece we sell is handmade and has gone through a lot of testing rounds. We take user experience very seriously and want our customers and OEM partners to be able to use our products without further training and frustration.

We make the products, so we know how it works in each step of the use, so we’re also responsible for handling possible errors. Nothing is made by robots here, so we have to take initiative. Some would say it’s rewarding to see what you have built and when everything works well, there’s your instant gratification and added value right there – no time spent is going to waste.

Professional pride is naturally something that everyone deserves to feel. It requires some serious self-reflection. Our products’ quality, user experience and reliability is down to us. We hold ourselves to high standards. That requires that every employee understands how they are personally contributing to our strategy. After all, we want to develop the future of diagnostics and it’s a big goal.

We are committed to keeping everyone on track and staying up to date during the projects. When internal communication is solid as well, all the cards can be laid on the table. If some parts of the project are not working, they can be said out loud. And when team members know or learn something extra valuable, they can pass it on and teach their colleagues.

Here at Labrox we encourage our employees to fulfill their professional needs and if there’s some skills that someone feels they need to develop to reach their potential, then they can definitely take action on it. We will sponsor the learning.