Labrox will be attending UPCONline 2021

Labrox is one of the sponsors for UPCONline 2021 that will be held from 6th to 9th April this year. The conference is available via Zoom online, due to the pandemic. Our head of diagnostic devices, Ida Erling, will represent Labrox at UPCONline with a speech titled “Upcon®: readers and particles for […]

Values on spotlight: Proud to Serve

We at Labrox are proud of what we do. Work feels the most meaningful when you can go into your workday every day and take pride from your accomplishments. When you can stand behind your workplace and its values. When you feel that what you do has an impact. P […]

Labrox ranked in Technology Fast 50 Awards List

We have great news! Deloitte announced a couple weeks ago that Labrox was ranked 36th in Deloitte’s Technology Fast 50 Awards in 2020. We are proud to be on the Deloitte’s list because the work we have put to our technology has gained traction during the last years. Our superior technology is […]

Logistics for diagnostic instruments

When transporting sensitive diagnostic instruments, e.g. plate readers as we do, the company must consider several things. These instruments are very delicate and if they are returned, that adds unnecessary costs that could be avoided with correct precautions. In this post, we will go through a couple of scenarios and […]

Q: Under what circumstances would I need bottom reading?

A: Bottom reading is typically used in cell based experiments, when a lid or a plate seal is needed to prevent contamination or evaporation. Bottom reading can also be used in kinetic assays that require an injection such as calcium flux or ORAC.

Q: What are the software requirements for the Labrox reader?

A: The Labrox Multimode reader comes with a factory pre-installed user interface that can be used to operate the reader and manage results. The GUI requires an Internet browser. Preferably Mozilla Firefox version 20 or higher or Internet Explorer version 10 or higher.